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Shane Dehod

Do You Know, What Is Going On With Resumes Today? New Study Shows Startling Facts

October 7, 2019

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There is a new trend in résumés you need to know. This article will shake your hiring process to the core.

Why You Need To Stop Hiring in 4.3 Minutes & How to Fix It

Like it or not, we are human, and hiring is an emotional process.

In this 1 minute video, I cover what happens in 4.3 minutes and how to fix it.

Be sure to test yourself, I know I sure did, and it sure surprised...

I am blowing the doors off the Myth of Job References. Buckle up because I am not pulling any punches one this one.

Are You Falling Victim to This Common Problem??? Learn "What It Is" and "How to Fix It" Hello, thought I would share with you a very common problem we see all..

Nothing is More Important!!! In my experience, regardless of how great your product or service is, if you have the wrong person/s working for you.. you my friend are in serious trouble.

Watch Out For This Sneaky Hiring Trap

Did you know according to an article in Forbes Magazine “Employers hire potential drinking buddies ahead of top candidates”?

What’s NOT to Love?

This is a sneaky hiring trap because we are often completely unaware that it’s happening....

Firing Over Text, A Growing Trend That Has To Stop!

I recently heard about an employee who was fired over text message.

He was working for an organization that would be considered a fair size and was on his days off.

The night before he was to return to work he received a...

If You Are Relying on Typical Interview Questions… You’re In Trouble Generally speaking, most of the candidates you interview today are much more prepared for than you are.

Watch: 3:46 mins. by Shane Dehod of InSyte Employer Solutions Inc.

Are you asking this Dangerous Question in your interviewing process?  

The Dangers of Asking Job Candidates Their Age

Hiring Today

Now if you're like most managers and employers, you've noticed hiring...

Do You Know What’s Keeping Employers Awake at Night?

No, it’s not what you’d think…

Surprisingly, it's not money. Increasing revenue is number two on the list. The number-one biggest concern for Canadian businesses is hiring and retaining good employees.

The Boomer Crisis


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