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  • Not on Your Side. (this one will shock you)

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  • You Can Lose the Confidence of Your Candidates.

  • Interview Questions. (what to never ask your candidates, what you can, and how to ask)

  • Exceptions to the Rules. (be very careful here)

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Why Is This Free?

That is a good question. I wrote this because I GOT BURNT.

One thing you will learn in this report is about a new scam taking place with Candidates today.

They are exploiting the interview process to get FREE money from you.


You will be shocked like I was and as many employers are when they fall victim to this scam.

Running a business is hard enough as it is, we don't need any more people robbing us.


Why is this free You Ask?

If I can prevent you from going through what I went through, I consider it a big win. Also, I am paying it forward to you. 


Learn from my mistake and protect yourself the BEST you Can.

Take care,


Shane Dehod



Shane Dehod

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