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Are you Accidentally Asking

Illegal Interview Questions?

Learn How & Why You Must Protect Yourself from This Growing Crisis

If You Are Like Most of Us, You’re Probably In Danger & You Don’t Even Know It

Most people know there are questions we can not ask a candidate. However, what most people do not know is to what extent this applies and how dangerous it has now become when you unintentionally stray.

When People Get Caught

When Interviewer’s get caught, it’s on simple little questions that you would think would just be completely justifiable. Most of us were asked the same questions when we applied for a job.


I know for myself, I had asked some of these questions in the past not knowing any different.

Why is This Such A Big Issue Now?

Today Candidates are much more educated in what you can and can not ask in interviews.


Also, there has been a major shift in political correctness and hypersensitivity to just about everything. 


In this Newer WorkForce, we are seeing a real sense of entitlement at a level we have never seen before.


A Dangerous Growing Trend to Get Free Money

A scary growing trend now is if a candidate does not get the job, they report you to Human Rights for discrimination.


Normally you would think as I did, it’s a pretty cut and dry process, and it is, however NOT FOR YOU.



For the candidate, it cost NOTHING to put in a claim and not one cent for the entire process. However, for you, even if you are 100% in the right, it will cost you a boatload in lawyers' fees and other expenses.



It's Not About Right Or Wrong


That is why all most all employers settle, it’s not about right or wrong, it’s about limiting the damages and the reputation of your organization.


For a disgruntled candidate, they have nothing to lose and only free money to gain. 


I personally have seen and experienced this firsthand. It’s an ugly truth that no one is talking about and it keeps getting swept under the rug.


Keep Your Interviews Squeaky Clean  


You Do Not want to open the door to this kinda trouble, be sure to keep your interviews very clean. One small mistake can cost you a boatload of money and heartache.


You Can Lose the Confidence of Your Candidate


Asking Illegal interview questions can be a BIG RED FLAG for your candidate and they lose confidence in you and your organization.


As well, it puts the candidate in an awkward spot in answering these questions.


Be sure you are not accidentally asking illegal interview questions.


Make sure you download your free Cheat Sheet Guide on Illegal Interview Questions now and be sure to share it with everyone who does hiring in your organization.


If you are like most people, it will shock you when you look it over, I know I was when I created it.


Updated for New Laws About Salary and Compensation History

Very easy to read, you will quickly be able to identify Danger questions, You CAN NOT ASK and Questions

You Can Ask and How to Ask them.


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Why Is This Free?

I wrote this because I GOT BURNT.


Yes, I was 100% in the right and the candidate complained to Human Rights because they felt entitled to the job and I discriminated against them.


I took employment law (top of my class) and I knew I did nothing wrong. HOWEVER...


After spending a bunch of money on Lawyers Fees and standing my ground in front of the Human Rights Board. It came down to Not Who Is Right or Wrong, But how much it's going to cost to get out of this.


I settled, not because I was wrong, NOPE, because it's a very costly process with NO guaranteed outcome regardless of HOW RIGHT a person is.


I was Completely Shocked & Outraged. I naively thought the law protected you from this.


What I discovered as many have, it's a SCAM.


Also what I discovered as I shared my story, more and more employers shared similar stories.


Running a Business is hard enough as it is, we don't need any more people robbing us.


Why is this free You Ask?


Yes, it helps promote my business, HOWEVER, If I can prevent you from going through what I went through I consider it a Win.


Learn from my mistake!


Protect Yourself the BEST you Can.


Thank Care,


Shane Dehod



"I was 110% Positive that the truth would prevail. The law was on my side.


But No, To My Surprise, it's Not About Right or Wrong"

Shane Dehod

I am the Authour