Job-Match Assessment

About The Job-Match Assesment

much more in-depth Assessment.


It is only used for those few candidates that you are most interested in.


The best part is, the Candidate shows you how they perform at their best.


Measures their:

1. Cognitive Ability (How they Think)

2. Behavioural Traits (How They Act)

3. Occupational Interests (What They Love To Do)


The candidate's results are then matched to the position they are applying for.


Advanced Technology

This Assessment has the latest technology and uses Artificial Intelligence.


The advantage of using A.I. allows for greater accuracy and a much better experience for the candidate.

"Results Speak for Themselves, as a result of using INSYTE pre-employment assessments, each new hire came with a personalized “guide”.


With it, the hiring manager was able to use suggested interview questions to better flesh out the areas of strength and weakness, making it easier to make the final choice."

"Once you see how this works, it will blow your mind how incredibly accurate it is.


You will Love this, I promise"

Shane Dehod

It's Important to Your Candidates too

I remember the first time I was stopped in a Starbucks by a new employee hired by one of our clients.

They couldn't thank me enough for going through this assessment.


They said, "for the first time in their life they were doing a job they LOVED, they were so happy, it really changed their life."

At that moment I realized these benefit not only the employer but the new employee as well.

I think that's pretty amazing.

White Paper

This Is Not Just A One-Shot Deal

Jam-Packed with Value

This Assessment is used for:


Suite of Reports


13 Reports are included at









These reports reveal critical information.

Click Each to View Descriptions & Reports

Want To Hire With Confidence?

This Assessment is Simply "Incredible."

There is a great deal to it, HOWEVER, it's easy and fast to use.

We will show you in detail how it works so you can decide for yourself if it's right for you.

Trust us, once you see it, you will be amazed.

Would You Like to Take a Closer Look?

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