Job-Match Assessment

About The Job-Match Assesment

This is an in-depth Assessment, used for those final candidates that you are most interested in near the end of the hiring process.


The best part is, the Candidate shows you how they perform at their best.


3 Vital Areas Measured

1. Cognitive Ability (How they Think)

2. Behavioural Traits (How They Act)

3. Occupational Interests (What They Love To Do)

22 Job Specific Areas Measured


The candidate's results are matched to the position they are applying for in 22 job-specific categories and scored on match to the job.


Advanced Technology

This Assessment has the latest technology and uses Artificial Intelligence.


The advantage of using A.I. allows for greater accuracy and a much better experience for the candidate.

Video - Human Side of Selection

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(Video 1 min 11 secs.)

"Results Speak for Themselves, as a result of using INSYTE pre-employment assessments, each new hire came with a personalized “guide”.


With it, the hiring manager was able to use suggested interview questions to better flesh out the areas of strength and weakness, making it easier to make the final choice."

Mary Jane Gagnon

Opps Manager Discovery Ford Sales


White Paper

10 Highlights for Mulitple Uses

Not Just A One-Shot Deal 13 Reports - 1 Assessment

These reports are used for:

  1. Selection (find the right candidate)

  2. How to Manage New Employee for Best Results

  3. Manager - Employee Fit  (how they work together)

  4. Onboarding (make the transition easy)

  5. Coaching (guide and develope)

  6. Career Pathing (identify those right for promotion or change)

  7. Leadership Selection & Development

  8. Succession  Planning (identify potential candidates to fill future rolls)

  9. Team  Building (create powerful teams)

  10. Sales (identify the right sales person)

Sample Report

This is 1 of the 13 - reports that come with the Assessment.

The Sample report below is the "Comprehensive Selection Report," used for identifying the best candidate for the job.


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