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Are You Frustrated too?

Everyone now knows, building a powerful presence on Social Media is the key to business marketing success today and for the distant future.

However, if you are like me, getting views and engagement is very difficult and can take a great deal of time to achieve any real impact.

They say the best results come from great content, which is true, however, it is very difficult for anyone to see your great content.

I know for me it was very frustrating, and I felt defeated, most times only getting 10 or fewer views on some great posts. Uuuuggg!

There Is A Hack!


What I have learned, from another group like this, Jennifer Trask's "Boost Yourself Group", a fantastic group that unfortunately is no longer because of a change in her business model, is that there is a short cut.

How it Works

By posting your content at an appointed time and have a group of people clicking and commenting within a 60-minute time frame, will show the algorithm this is something people like.


They designed the algorithm to look for interactions and will only keep content that is engaged at the top of the feed. Thus giving your content a greater chance of being seen by more people.

What are the Results?

Here is a sample of one of my posts. 


In the past, when I had posted this on my own, I had never received over 30 views and had no comments.


The first time I posted this in the group, it received 510 views and 14 comments.

From this post, I received five new connection requests.


Also, I received one new lead.

Now, I have started posting on Social Media a few months ago.  For me, this is a significant difference.

Also, the first time I received a lead from LinkedIn.

There are others that have much better results than I, however, for me I was ecstatic.

Now Hold On!


I do not want you to get the WRONG idea. 

This not a magic bullet, it is a tool for you to help improve your results.

You must still work on putting together great content.

Also, work on connecting with people in your target market.

Remember, it's "Social Media," invest time being social. Like, comment, and share people's posts.

The best example I have heard in describing social media marking is this...

Marketing on Social Media is dating. 


It takes time to get to know you and feel comfortable BEFORE it goes to the next step.

It's all about creating trusting relationships."


Remember, invest your time wisely and build trust.

Power in Teamwork

It's the power of the team that makes all the difference.

By all working together, we help each other reach our goals.

What Are The Rules For The Group?


Rules are very simple. Here is a sample for a LinkedIn Post Boost

Post Boost for LinkedIn

For the next 60 mins, leave a link to your post you would like to Boost.

***Guidelines & Rules***

1. For best results post your link at the start of the hour and allow the others the time to like and comment.

2. You MUST, Like and Comment on EVERYONE’S posts, ideally within the 60 minutes, if for whatever reason, you can not, please come back ASAP to do so. 

3. When you comment on other's posts, please leave a thoughtful, engaging comment that shows you have read/watched the content. 

4. When you post your link here, it needs no description.

5. Be respectful of others.

6. This thread will close at the 1-hour mark.

Remember, we are all in this together, have fun and Happy Posting

Posting Schedule


We are focussing on LinkedIn and Instagram.

LinkedIn is the best for B2B. 

Instagram is now the fastest growing Social Media platform, especially for growing organic content

Many businesses have given up on Facebook as it is difficult to grow organically without paying for promotion or ads.


*** Please Note ***  

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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For your security, we will use PayPal Monthly Subscriptions.

What is The Cost?

While we are getting started and building our group there is:


  • No Sign-Up Fees.

  • Free Until Sept 8th, 2019.

  • $20 Canadian per month after that.

  • You can cancel.

Private Group

Please note, this is a private group and I must approve all members before you have access to the group.

Membership is Limited

In order for things not to get crazy, I will restrict the size of this group.

Once full, we will place new member applications on a waiting list. As memberships become on a first come first serve basis.

Getting Started


Is simple and easy, here are the details.

Are You Past Member of Boost Yourself?


For a limited time, if you are a past member of Jennifer's Boost Yourself, you are already pre-approved.


You can proceed directly to the Private Group here.

It is the same business model as Jennifer's so you will feel right at home.

For New Members


Please fill out the following information.

Membership Application

Help to Grow Our Group


For this to work, we must all work together as a team.


If you know of someone looking to improve their ​social marketing results, please feel free to refer them to this page.


Making This Better


I am open for suggestions on ways we can improve the group. 

You can e-mail me directly here.




Thank you for your help.

Your Host

A Bit About Me

My Name is Shane Dehod, I am the owner and founder of InSyte Employer Solutions Inc. 

I have been in Business since 2000 and my business is Rated A+ by the BBB.

My goal here is to work together to help each other create the results we all are looking for.

I am located in Prince George, which is in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Sorry LOL!

I love what I do and where I live.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly. I answer all my emails and always happy to hear from you.

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