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The Dangers of Using Typical Interview Questions [Article]

If You Are Relying on Typical Interview Questions… You’re In Trouble

Generally speaking, most of the candidates you interview today are much more prepared for the interview than you are.

For example, go to Youtube and search “how to answer interview questions”. The last time I did this, over 48 million results were listed.

There are videos on how to effectively answer EVERY. SINGLE. POSSIBLE. interview question that job candidates could be asked.

Also, there are thousands upon thousands of websites dedicated to helping job seekers answer every possible interview question.

Not to mention all the books, e-books, seminars and webinars that systematically take a person step by step not only how best to answer each interview question but tone to use, body language, facial expressions and what clothes to wear.

Don’t be the Victim

Watch that you don’t fall victim to a well-rehearsed script during an interview. It is essential that you do your best to get to know the person hiding behind the persona that the candidate is presenting to you.

There is a famous saying in the H.R. world: hired on experience; fired on personality. It’s important not to turn an interview into a “nice visit.” Choose interview questions that will best uncover if this person is the right fit for your culture and if the candidate has the knowledge, skills & abilities to do the job in your organization.

Go into the interview with a plan and don’t get bunny trailed by a pleasant conversation. You are there to find the right fit.

Author: Shane Dehod

InSyte Employer Solutions Inc.

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