1. Pre-Screen Assessment 

About The Pre-Screener

This Assessment takes only 10 mins to complete and is done online.

It measures your candidates on:

1. Honesty

2. Reliability

3. Work Ethic

Things you really want to know about your candidates.

Interview Report

It also comes with an Interview Report with

Targeted Interview Questions

(see sample reports below)

Theft in the Workplace

This is a scary "stat" and it seems totally unreal.


However, sadly, based on our experience with Employers over a decade now, this number is bang on.

It really stresses the importance of

Pre-Screening your candidates. 

You don’t have to wait until after the 3-month probation period to meet the real person you hired.

Jeff Hoff - Owner Napa AutoPro

What the Pre-Screener  Reveals About Your Candidates

- Theft of Money, Property & Time

- Abuse of Private and Secure Info.

- Abuse of Social Media & Internet

- Difficulty Following Procedures 

- Dealing with Authority Figures


- Working Positively with Others


- Tardiness

- Poor Work Performance

- Not Respectful of Authority

- Poor Attitudes Towards, Rules, & S.O.P.s

"This Assessment is a MUST for any hire. It is worth its weight in gold.


You will Thank Yourself, I guarantee it."

Shane Dehod

Sample Reports

Download a sample report and see for yourself how simple and effective these reports are.

1. Quick Check Report

See at a glance how well your candidate scored. 

2. Interview Report

This is the full report, includes targeted interview questions.

"You will love the interview questions, the candidate doesn't have a canned answer for these.

They just open up in front of you, it's a lot of fun, and you really get to know your candidate much better."

Pre-Screen Brochure

Employee Pre-Screen Canadian Job-Fit Pre-Employment Testing & Screening at InSyte Employer Solutions -Shane Dehod

Would you like to know more about Hiring the Right People For Your Business?

The next step is to contact us to get more information to help you determine if this is right for you. 

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Canadian Job-Fit Pre-Employment Testing & Screening at InSyte Employer Solutions -Shane Dehod