Where is the Pricing?

"Ok, How Much Does It Cost?"

One of the questions I get asked a lot is, "Why is there no pricing on your website?"


If you have been doing any research on the Internet, you will find we are not the only assessment company that doesn’t post pricing. In fact, it’s normal for Canadian companies not to advertise their pricing.


Is It a Trap?

Many people think we do this because we are trying to be sneaky, attempting to lure you into a trap so we can pester you to death or some other sinister plot.


Well, sorry, it's nothing silly like that. In fact, it's very simple: In Canada, by law, we fall under a restrictive advertising regulation that prohibits us from advertising our pricing on the web, in print, or by other means.


The law is similar to the regulations doctors and dentists and many other professions fall under. 


We would love to post our pricing. In fact, we understand that doing so would certainly make it more convenient for everyone.  However, until the law changes, we have to abide by the rules.


How Do I Get Pricing?

How do you find out about our pricing, you ask? Well, we are more than happy to share that information. In order for us to comply with the law, we need you to contact us for more information so that we can provide you with pricing.


Is it Right For You?

Sometimes, we do not have the right solution for you and we will try my best to point you in the right direction.


In true 🍁Canadian fashion, “we’re sorry for the inconvenience,"  but those are the rules we have to play by.


Thanks for your understanding.

Shane Dehod

Founder of InSyte Employer Solutions Inc




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