Sales-Match Assessment

About Sales-Match Assessment

Sales Positions are the MOST Difficult Positions to Hire For


"I know, I've been on both sides."


The job of the salesperson in the job interview is to sell you on the idea they are the right person for the job.


However, just because they are a good salesperson does not mean they are right for your business.


We have All Been There


You probably have already experienced this. The candidate has a great résumé, interviews very well and has fantastic references. You go ahead and hire them with great expectations, however, they perform like a lead balloon.


It's not the candidate's fault, in order for a salesperson to perform well they need to fit well with the product/s they sell and the company culture they work in.


"I know first hand, been there done that."


The Sales Match Assessment

Will allow you to identify the Right Sales Person for your product/s and culture.

"The Old Hire - Fire Method"

Same As Job-Match Plus Sales Report

This Assessment is the same as the Job-Match, however, it also includes key sales traits.


With this report, you will be able to really identify the best characteristics that are perfect to connect with your customer base and target market. 


Here are the 7 Keys:


1. Prospecting (how they like to prospect)

2. Call Reluctance (are they afraid to make calls)

3. Closing the Sale (closing style)

4. Self-Starting

5. Working with a Team

6. Building and Maintaining Relationships 

7. Compensation Preference (how are they motivated) "this one is very handy"


"All the important things you will

need to know about your Sales Candidates."

Shane has changed the way I hire.


I have always used a "Can do. Will do. Will fit" model - Can they do it? Will they do it? Will they fit with our culture?


Shane's process allows me to quickly separate the wheat from the chaff when looking at potential new members of our team.


I highly recommend working with him.

Jens Nielsen

General Sales Manager, WHITEHORSE MOTORS

Sample Reports

Sample Sales Reports

1. Sales: Comprehensive Selection Report


Shows how well a candidate matches the position and includes Key Sales Traits.

*Used for Job Interviewing*

Click to download

2. Sales: Coaching Report


This is used when considering hiring to see if the candidate can be coached in areas they don't match well.

Also, after hiring, I always suggest you keep this report close for the first 3 months and refer to it often to get the new employee up and running FAST.

Click to download

click to download

White Paper

Would you like to know more about Hiring the Right People For Your Business?

The next step is to contact us to get more information to help you determine if this is right for you. 

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