(Video) Ep.1 How Old Are You? the dangers of asking this simple little interview question

Watch: 3:46 mins. by Shane Dehod of InSyte Employer Solutions Inc.

Are you asking this Dangerous Question in your interviewing process?

The Dangers of Asking Job Candidates Their Age

Hiring Today

Now if you're like most managers and employers, you've noticed hiring today has become trickier than ever. Imagine the feeling you would get if a legal notice shows up in your mail based on an interview question you had asked a potential candidate?

Stay Out of Hot Water

Now the purpose of these videos is to help those doing the hiring from landing in some very serious hot water in regards to interviewing questions. Now I'm often surprised by how many people don't yet realize that a seemingly simple and innocent question can land them in some very serious legal hot water.

It’s Discriminatory

One example of course of this is, "How old are you?" Now asking this question may seem pretty innocent. And often most interviewers ask this question simply out of curiosity. However it's considered discriminatory, and doing so can easily set you up for legal action. So simply do not ask this question.

Mixed Messages

Also most of your candidates today know that you shouldn't be asking this question in the first place. And by doing so, you're sending mixed messages. Either you don't know what you're doing as an interviewer, or the workplace is age discriminatory. Now often this question will put the candidate in a very tough spot and be very uncomfortable for everybody involved.

Sneak- Around-Questions

Now, this rule also applies to sneak around questions. Now, what are those, you ask? These are questions that are more indirect, but still, answer the question or at least give you a pretty darn good idea. Now a few examples of these are of course, "What is your birthday? When did you graduate?" Or, "How long have you been--?" Or any other question that you might have that will give you a good idea how the person is.


Now one question I often get, "Are there any exceptions to this rule?" Well yes, there is. If there is a specific legal requirement of the job - such as serving alcohol. Then yeah, it's fine.

After Hiring

Now of course - after hiring, you can ask age verification for pension, benefit programs or any legal reason you have.

Stay Away!

But other than that, there is no reason for you to ask age-related questions. So in conclusion, simply stay away from them, period.

By: Shane Dehod

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