Firing Over Text? [Article]

Firing Over Text, A Growing Trend That Has To Stop!

I recently heard about an employee who was fired over text message.

He was working for an organization that would be considered a fair size and was on his days off.

The night before he was to return to work he received a text message that said: “you are fired, don’t bother showing up for work tomorrow.”

Though there is no case for wrongful dismissal by firing someone by text at this time, there are several ramifications by doing so.

The Power Of Negative Actions

As an example, this person had shared his experience with plenty of people and also posted on social media with all the details of the company and person who had done this.

There was some severe outrage on social media with some pretty upset people. Their most significant comment was “how rude and unprofessional” in regards to the person doing the firing.

Which also reflected on the reputation of the company.

No one likes to fire anyone, but doing it over text is just not in the best interest of the company or you.

Suck it up buttercup, be a professional and show some respect to the person you are firing. If they didn’t work out, it’s not their fault, you or your organization hired them.

Remember, it’s your responsibility to find the right fit for your organization, not the employee.

Boomer Crisis

As we continue heading into the labour shortage market (The Boomer Crisis) No one can afford to put an employer in a negative light.

Hiring is only going to get more difficult as we move into the future. Do not make it more difficult to find good people by doing something that can have such a negative impact.

That’s my opinion, take it or leave it.

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Author: Shane Dehod

InSyte Employer Solutions Inc.

Copyright 2018

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