Are You Accidentally Hiring Your Drinking Buddy? [Article]



Watch Out For This Sneaky Hiring Trap



Did you know according to an article in Forbes Magazine “Employers hire potential drinking buddies ahead of top candidates”?


What’s NOT to Love?


This is a sneaky hiring trap because we are often completely unaware that it’s happening. It is surprisingly simple, but it can have significant negative repercussions for your organization. 


We can and often do, prefer candidates that are like ourselves or have specific attributes, hobbies and interests similar to our own. We “tend to ignore” the best person to fit the job in favour of someone we like and get along with. 


Comfort Zone 


Often, we have to hire expertise that is out of our comfort zone. I.T. people are a great example of a group of people who may not have similar characteristics to those hiring them; they have particular characteristics, thought processes, and behaviour traits that make them function extremely well in a high tech environment. 


The average person, however, may have a difficult time relating to them. Given our bias to hire those we like and feel comfortable with it would be easy to hire the I.T. employee based on like-ability rather than ability. 


Learn the Job 


One way to avoid this trap is to spend time really getting to know which unique characteristics are best suited to the job. If at all possible, get to know the top performers already in that job or department.


Regardless of how you do your research, create a clear picture in your mind of the cognitive ability, behavioural traits, and interests that are needed to perform ideally in that position. 


The Power of Knowledge


By being aware that our natural tendency is to hire “Mini Me” can be powerful, always keep in mind to hire the right person for the job, not just a drinking buddy.







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Author: Shane Dehod

InSyte Employer Solutions Inc.

Copyright 2018


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