Now Hiring "Swiss Army Knife" ??? [Article]


Are You Falling Victim to This Common Problem???


Learn "What It Is" and "How to Fix It"


Hello, thought I would share with you a very common problem we see all the time, and perhaps this could help you out.


In our business, we often review job descriptions for our clients. Frequently, we find entirely “unrealistic expectations” in what the employer expects of the employee.
Here is a "Great" Example:
The following is a “Job Ad” and “Job Description” that we received from a client to review.

Take a look and see if you can spot the problems ⤵️




Receptionist Wanted!

“We are looking for a receptionist that can also do the typical duties of office administrator, must be able to do bookkeeping with a good knowledge of Simply Accounting.
Also, know how to troubleshoot basic network issues, have a strong working knowledge of MS Office, be able to organize community events, have public speaking skills, inside sales, a good grasp of social media, and will be required to do light janitorial duties from time to time.”


Now, "yes" this is a bit more of extreme case, however, many employers do this to one degree or another.



The General Rule 


In case you didn’t already know this, the general rule is, “superheroes” are difficult to recruit; they are off flying around the world preventing world disasters and saving babies.
With that in mind, consider that you might have to settle for just a regular, run of the mill, human being.






I Never Liked Writing Them!

In my early years as a young manager, I never liked writing job descriptions, they seemed too restrictive and a pain in the butt to write, until, things went horribly wrong.


The staff were not doing what I wanted them to do and generally caused mayhem in the office.


Which was my own darn fault as nobody knew what their job really entailed.


Not to mention, I was annoyed that people couldn't "read my mind." 




Well That Went Well... Not!



When I did start writing job descriptions, I did the same sort of thing as you see in the ad above. I threw everything in them including the kitchen sink just to cover my bases.


Then I was really ticked off, because, people just did not measure up to "my expectations."


Then I just started ordering everyone around... which needless to say really stirred up a hornet's nest!










Once I got my head out of my butt, I realized how stupid I was being, I drew from my military experience and with a bit of help, I spent time learning to craft smart job descriptions.


I modified them regularly as things changed or the employee developed.











Then things fell into place, people were happy, sales and production went up, and I could finally sleep at night. 







Start Here


A good place to start your search for a new employee is by creating a good and realistic job description.


Here are a couple of resources you could use...





Occupational Network (ONET)


This is my favourite site, it's loaded with some great information.







Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC)




What My H.R. Pro says...


"I use both sites for good wording and ideas. The best results come from a detailed job and task analysis and then comparing your task results with the job descriptions on these sites." 





My Closing Thought


Learn from "my mistakes." I was just being lazy and I paid the price. However, once I got over myself, it really changed my mind and the business.


However, if you are able to recruit a superhero, let me know; I sure could use one from time to time. 😊


Take care, and remember, "we are all in this together."  



Shane Dehod





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Author: Shane Dehod

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