Do You Know, What Is Going On With Resumes Today? New Study Shows Startling Facts

What in the Heck is Going On with Résumés Now?

Hello, this is something you need to know!

Many people have noticed résumés are more full of B.S. than ever before, and they are right!

According to a new study by Inc. Magazine, 85% of people are lying on their résumé.

This is a significant increase over just a few short years.

But Why?

In the study they identified the reason why they are lying on their résumés to such an extreme extent now.

It's because of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

What is (ATS)?

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is software that automatically scans an applicant's résumé and decides if it goes forward to be seen by a real person.

If the résumé does NOT match the exact specifications required, it is screened out and never seen by a real person.

They Must Lie!

So, in order for applicants to even have a chance at you seeing their résumé, they alter it to match the Job Description you posted in the Job Ad.


This is now "Par-for-the-Course" if you use ATS or not, regardless, Job Seekers have noticed a big uptake in interviews by altering their résumé's to match your Job Ad.

What Can You Do?

Here is just a couple suggestions to help you:

1. Check Their LinkedIn Profile

This is a clever idea, though they change their résumé, they rarely change their LinkedIn profile. You can easily find inconsistencies there.

2. Step Up Your Phone Screening

Use your common sense, don't take things at face value, looks for gaps in experience for time in profession on what you know to be the norm.

Ask more questions during your phone screening call about qualifications and experience they claim to have.

My Closing Comments


Lying on a résumé is 100% legal!

(except for a few exceptions)

Today, candidates consider résumés to be nothing more than an advertisement of themselves.

The goal of the résumé is to get the candidate in front of you for an interview.

Take résumés as they are being presented, as the candidate's advertisement.

With that in mind, you will be better prepared to combat this new scary trend.

I hope this helps you.


Take care, and remember, "we are all in this together."

A Bit About Me

"I have experienced firsthand the devastating effect of bad hires.

I have dedicated my life to helping you hire the right people for your business."

Author: Shane Dehod

Proud Founder of InSyte Employer Solutions Inc.

Copyright 2019

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